Newsflash: In God We Trust Motto Ordered Removed from Courtrooms

In a long-awaited announcement, Chief Judge Flipman declared today that attorneys, litigants and members of the general public will no longer have to endure the sight of the distracting and materially misleading inscription “In God We Trust” on the walls behind the judges in state courtrooms.

Citing the recommendations of a newly-released study conducted by some friends of his, Judge Flipman declared that the motto would immediately be replaced with the vastly more informative and accurate injunction, “Because I Say So.”

“Needless to say, courts have been tacitly abiding by this injuction since the days of Solomon,” Judge Flipman observed with a grin. “Nevertheless, in this ever-changing world in which we live in, it is of the utmost importance to make perfectly clear how the law is applied in the courtroom.”

The reform was applauded by Julius Thumbtack, President of the State Sycophant Bar Association as “yet another instance of Judge Flipman’s outstandingly visionary leadership.”

God could not be reached for comment.

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1 Response to Newsflash: In God We Trust Motto Ordered Removed from Courtrooms

  1. Eddy Schwartz says:

    Re: News flash- “In God We Trust” Motto Removed From Courtrooms. It took OCA many years to replace the old signs and moth eaten dusty flags. Before they did, you’d look up at the bench and see something like “IN OD WE RUST.” which seemd appropriate, and still does.


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