The answer to wrongful convictions? More convictions

It’s been over 20 years since the DNA exonerations started, and not a week goes by without some Bar Association or DA junta “recommending” practical reforms: fully videotaped interrogations; lineups to be administered by a cop who doesn’t know which one is the suspect; cautions to the witness that the perp might not be in the lineup; experts to educate the jury about eyewitness identification.

Of course you’ve noticed how all of these recommendations have been put into practice. What an incredible difference nowadays in the way the police conduct a lineup or get a confession. And in the rare instance where the police fail to use the new methods, how outraged the judge becomes! No? Well, it’s only been 20 years. Please be patient.

The new cutting edge of reform is the Justice Task Force created by Chief Judge Lippman. Headed by a suburban DA. Their first recommendation? Expand the DNA database to include just about everybody. Yesssss!

Leave it to the foxes to recommend fair henhouse-raiding procedures.

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