The invasion of the creeping police fence

Whether the Occupy Wall Street movement convinces the rich & powerful of the error of their ways, one sure result (besides a lot of frozen people in Zuccotti Park) is the insane proliferation of already insanely proliferated police fences.

Ever since 9/11, these fences have been a silent weapon against public space. A brute symbol of law enforcement power, they block access, make normal pedestrian walking unpleasant if not impossible and look like hell. Which is exactly their purpose. For now, they’re passive-aggressive, but don’t be lulled into complacency! Here’s the new Star Wars electrified model, coming soon to a street near you:

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3 Responses to The invasion of the creeping police fence

  1. Bil Smart says:

    I love it and will read it instead of Montaigne & Tolstoy.


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