Squawk is famous!

Appellate Squawk is bursting with pride to announce that we’ve been awarded Honorable Mention in the contest for best Criminal Defense Blawg of 2011 by the venerable, prestigious blog Simple Justice. We haven’t experienced such gratifying recognition since Judge Cruella DeVille of the Bronx complained to our supervisor that her speed-SORA hearings had been going so smoothly until we came along and made complications.

It would take too long to name all those who made this honor possible, but we couldn’t have done anything without the unwavering support of the twin pillars of Criminal Justice Jurisprudence: The Because-I-Say-So Institute of Judicial Reasoning and the Rubber Stamp Academy of Appellate Review. We also acknowledge our immense debt to the Rubber Room (aka the DA Appeals Bureau),  the starving judges of NY, the NYPD and myriad others for providing us with an inexhaustible, ever-renewable wealth of material.

Thanks to Simple Justice and its friends, our readership has soared into a dizzy high two figures (occasionally). We humbly but with a song in our hearts take up our eminent position in the Pantheon of Things to Read When You Should Be Doing Something Else.

Squawk in the New Year!

About Appellate Squawk

A satirical blog for criminal defense lawyers and their friends who won't give up without a squawk.
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5 Responses to Squawk is famous!

  1. shg says:

    Let’s not get too crazy. Alex Bunin promised me a half off coupon to Starbucks if I mentioned you. It seemed a like a good deal at the time.


  2. Jennifer Quinn says:

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work …


  3. Charlie Blakeley says:

    I used to get through the court day listening to the little voice in my head asking, “What would Rumpole have to say about this?” — except during voir dire, when it tends more toward Groucho, chatting with contestants on “You Bet Your Life.”

    The voice of Squawk has joined those other two in contributing to the narrative that keeps me sane (or at least happily delusional).

    Thanks, Squawk. And, congrats on the honor.


  4. Congratulatoins! In the middle of last year I already could see you’d be winning some kind of award. Best wishes from Hong Kong.


  5. Jay Armijo says:

    Yay! I love your blog.


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