Squawk takes a breather

We’re taking a break to nourish the inner Squawk. Back in 3 weeks. Here’s a sample of our priors:





About Appellate Squawk

A satirical blog for criminal defense lawyers and their friends who won't give up without a squawk.
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6 Responses to Squawk takes a breather

  1. Daniel Ashworth says:

    long live squawk


  2. Jay says:

    Have a good break. I’ll miss you.


  3. Jennifer Quinn says:

    Love it … the paintings, too! Now will squawk’s real identity be discovered?


  4. srhmchs says:

    Love the paintings. Breathe well!


  5. A n00b says:

    Come baaaack!


  6. Rural Redneck Appellate Defender says:

    What the fuck. Get back to it.


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