The murder of a mural

While ordinary dry cleaners might use their outdoor wall space to advertise Budweiser or Same Day Service,  New Edition Cleaning of Inwood  has been dedicating its wall to artistic expression.  “I pass by that wall every day on my way to work and it’s had graffiti art murals on it for years,” says a community resident. “The murals changed now and then, and that was fun.  Not like lots of public art that stays there indefinitely.”

A couple of weeks ago, artist Alan Ket painted this  mural, “We Know the Real Murderers,” juxtaposing McDonald’s, Haliburton, Crack, Monsanto, War, GMO, TV and (gasp) the NYPD.

Okay, it’s not “Guernica” but it makes its point.

(Ron Fleming) Inwood Community Group Facebook

It wasn’t long before  two cops showed up at New Edition and asked if they could paint a mural too. The result was this minimalist work:

(Erin C.) Inwood Community Group Facebook

The community protested.

(Alan Winkour) Inwood Community Group Facebook

And we protest too.

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1 Response to The murder of a mural

  1. Edna Schwartz says:

    This may be the first honest days work for those cops.


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