Judge Wool’s Judicial Horoscope

  You have a special confidence in your beliefs and decisions, knowing that you can send anyone to jail who disagrees with you.  Don’t be afraid to say so! This will increase your confidence and your popularity too!

  You’ve achieved your spectacular success by having the courage to put your own interests above those of society.  But beware! Somebody in your life is putting his or her interests above yours!

Lately you’ve been feeling that your loved one is treating you with depraved indifference. Try a new procedural posture tonight! Something will certainly happen!

Even though you didn’t offer that statement for its truth, the IRS might misunderstand. Keep a positive outlook and research the law of extradition! An exciting change of lifestyle may be on the horizon.

You may be experiencing some tension and stress when others start using buzzwords like “wrongful conviction” or “dysfunctional court system” or “change.” Get on a Task Force and propose reforms. This will enhance your visibility and ensure that everything stays the same.

 The approval of others is important to you.  Jupiter in Gemini might bring a reversal from a higher court, but pay no attention! Your self-esteem is what counts.

 As a Libra you always take a flexible approach and never let yourself be bound by rigid formulas, mathematical precision or particular catechisms.  You tend to run into problems with all those rigid traffic rules, especially when you drive under the influence of Pluto.  Pay the tickets and consider taking cabs until Neptune moves out of Pisces.

It’s been a year since hearing oral argument and you still haven’t issued that decision.  Let the stars be your guide! Remember, the planets never make decisions, they just go round and round.

You’ve always been good at making friends. Now is the time to put that talent to work and get that dream job on the Appellate Division!  Don’t be afraid to tell others how great you are!

You have a special gift for knowing whether someone is telling the truth by looking at them and evaluating their demeanor.  But remember, not everybody has your extraordinary psychic powers! Sometimes juries can be wrong!

 You’re known for your good, plain common sense and going with your gut.  The alignment of Neptune and Venus, which occurs only once every 75 years, is an auspicious time to read some case law! When new vibrations enter your sector of self, you may find a whole change of outlook!

 Pisces are never afraid to change direction when the circumstances are right, such as when the Moon moves into Gemini or a new Governor is elected.  If your friends don’t approve, get new ones. You can’t ski on the snows of yesteryear!

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A satirical blog for criminal defense lawyers and their friends who won't give up without a squawk.
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