Eliot Spitzer finds Jesus

Yesterday on the eve of Primary Day, we happened onto a Gospel rally on the steps of Brooklyn’s Borough Hall celebrating the redemption of Brother Eliot Spitzer.  As Attorney General and then Governor of NY, Spitzer was a fearless crusader against commercial sex until the Feds caught him with his socks down and he had to resign.  Hoping that New Yorkers will love him for his mind, he’s campaigning for Comptroller on the Jesus platform:

In a call-and-response with the crowd, the preacher sang:




Addendum: Someone hacked in and removed our snapshots of this rally showing Spitzer. We’ve substituted an official photo of him explaining himself to his unhappy wife:

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1 Response to Eliot Spitzer finds Jesus

  1. Alex Bunin says:

    Weiner/Satan !


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