The interrogation industry: Part 2

A recent NIJ report found that if you collected all the decisions finding a confession voluntary because the suspect wasn’t handcuffed and was offered a Coke – they would make enough paper mache to cover the Great Wall of China.  Deciding the voluntariness of a confession without knowing that police interrogation is a scripted bag of tricks is like going to the movies and  shouting “Look out behind you!” when the villain sneaks up behind the hero.

Here’s a short synopsis of the leading police interrogation manual.  Not a word is made up.

Interrogation cartoon manual

And the Truth is that the suspect is guilty, or we wouldn’t be interrogating him.

Rude to suspects

Body language

INNOCENT SUSPECT                              GUILTY SUSPECT

Face-saving story

Faced with the choice between admitting to an accident or being charged with an intentional crime, the suspect will naturally chose the accident.  So he’s admitted to the  shooting.  Hahahahahahahahah!

Fifth Amendment snake

Don’t read Commonwealth v. DiGiambattista where the Massachusetts Supremes say that minimizing the seriousness of the crime is “readily understood” by the suspect as a promise of leniency. Hogwash!

Tips and tricks:

Busy professional

Bleed sympathy

Other countries

England, Wales, New Zealand, Norway and parts of Australia and Canada use the P.E.A.C.E. model which focuses on getting information from the suspect instead of pressuring him to agree to an incriminating story by assuring him that it’s not incriminating.

Give Peace a Chance


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2 Responses to The interrogation industry: Part 2

  1. Matt Brown says:

    This is brilliant – I laughed out loud at the picture of deceptive, unrelaxed posture.


  2. Alex Bunin says:

    And don’t forget to give them the necessary information to confess … or have I jumped to Part 3?


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