Six exciting People’s positions with illustrations

Prosecutors don’t have thoughts, ideas or beliefs – they have positions. As in, “It is the People’s position that we don’t have to turn over that information.”

Add spice to your courtroom life by trying out these steamy People’s positions. The judge will never have to fake it again!

It is the People’s position that:

Contortionist The officers’ accounts were perfectly consistent.


StretchingIt is reasonably inferable that. . .


Giant The  defendant has put his own interests above those of Society.


GorillaWe are not required to provide the names of the witnesses.


Pieces The evidence clearly points to the defendant.


People's appealGranting the defendant’s motion to suppress was utterly wrong-headed, frivolous and offensive to human decency.


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2 Responses to Six exciting People’s positions with illustrations

  1. Vicki says:

    Love love love the drawings!


  2. Alex Bunin says:

    It’s the Kama Sutra of prosecutorial misconduct.


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