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We’ve always been totally indifferent to fame, glory and recognition except when it’s offered to us.  Now that we’ve been nominated for the ABA’s top 100 blogs (curiously spelled  as blawgs) we’ve shamelessly hit the campaign trail. Vote here for Appellate Squawk! (in the For Fun category).  What’s to lose? Homeland Security is already reading your email anyway.>.


This is a good time to blog other plugs, er, plug other blogs, beginning with Gamso-forthedefense who so generously and convincingly nominated us.  Jeff Gamso is an outstanding public defender in the no-kidding death penalty state of Ohio who never stops flipping out over the barbarity of our criminal injustice system.

Then there’s the prodigious and curmudgeonly daily blogger Scott Greenfield of  Simple Justice whose nods to us have skyrocketed our stats into the high two figures.  His blog features a button saying, “Click here if this post hurt your feelings.” We’ve never dared.

Since the ABA has classified us under the “For Fun” section (harrumph!), here are a couple of fellow jesters: the hilarious What the Public Defender, self-described as a 20-something PD trying to navigate the criminal justice system without killing anyone. And Norm de guerre another wry PD who’s chasing truth and catching hell.

And who would expect a product liability blog to be entertaining? Every Friday the tort blog Abnormal Use features a link to legal-themed comic book covers such as this one showing superhero Groot  as a defense attorney.   Groot, if you recall, is basically a tree from another galaxy whose speech is limited to “I am Groot,” but here he is winning the case! An inspiration to us all.


Finally, there’s Blackstone Weekly by our friend who sat next to us in Corporations class at the Acme School of Law and Refrigerator Repair, but for whom we would have gotten an even worse grade than we got. Jessie, now Professor Allen, describes it as “Free associations on Blackstone’s Commentaries, the 18th Century tome that inspired and irked America’s founders, served as Lincoln’s legal primer, and is today the most famous law book that no one actually reads.”

So. . . next time your eyes are glazing over from your own writing, read blogs! It beats solitaire.

About Appellate Squawk

A satirical blog for criminal defense lawyers and their friends who won't give up without a squawk.
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2 Responses to Vote for Squawk!

  1. Alex Bunin says:

    Voted early and often.


  2. Daniel Ashworth says:

    What Alex said


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