Two days ago, Jihadist gunmen stormed the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo   targeting the cartoonists whose drawings they found objectionable, butchering 12 people in all. Cartoonists from all over the world  responded with cartoons, the Eiffel Tower was dimmed in mourning and crowds gathered holding up placards saying, “Je Suis Charlie,” roughly translated as, “the hell with you.”

FRANCE-ATTACKS-CHARLIE-HEBDO     247CA80E00000578-2900835-image-a-15_1420655521330  Not afraid  247CD03200000578-2900835-image-a-24_1420665601518


Charlie Hebdo  (Charlie for Charlie Brown and Hebdo for “weekly”) published outrageous cartoons such as the following:

150107_BB_Hebdo962_350.jpg.CROP.original-original A comment on Pope Benedict’s 2010 approval of condoms. He holds a condom aloft saying, “This is my body,” a reference to the Mass.

150107_BB_Hebdo1011_350.jpg.CROP.original-original “Charia” [Sharia] Hebdo, a special issue “guest edited” by the Prophet. He says, “100 lashes if you don’t die laughing.” The magazine’s office was firebombed the next day.

Here are some cartoonists’ reactions to the latest massacre:

He drew firstDave Pope @davpope

Where's the trigger  Matt Davies Newsday; and Matt of the Telegraph:

Be careful they might have pens


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3 Responses to JE SUIS CHARLIE

  1. Schwatz says:

    Thanks for this post with the cartoons which aren’t being shown enough, or at all, in most of the mainstream media.


  2. Alex Bunin says:

    Too sad for my usual snarky comment.


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