In Defense of Sheldon Silver

Plunkitt      We confess that everything we know about Albany politics comes from Plunkitt of Tammany Hall, the discourses of a hilariously candid machine politico, delivered from a shoeshine throne in the early 1900’s.  We further confess that everything we know about financial crime comes from buy ‘n’ bust operations,  where undercover cops make xerox copies of 10-dollar bills to prove they gave the originals to our clients in exchange for bags of beam me up Scottie.

Having established our lack of qualifications to render an opinion, we think it’s a shame to drag our venerable (now former)  Speaker of the Assembly through the mud over a piffling 4 mil that isn’t even public money.  They say he got it from private firms for work he didn’t do. Well, if it’s a federal crime not to do the work you’re paid for, we could nominate quite a few people for the Bastille.

Now the hounds are going after everyone who ever sat next to Shelly in a synagogue and even Chief Judge Lippman. That’s just nuts.  We remember when Lippman was appointed to the First Department, a tribunal that painted themselves blue and communicated in barks and grunts.  Thanks to his civilizing influence, for one brief shining moment oral argument lost its resemblance to sitting in the stocks being pelted with horse dung.  He succeeded Judith Kaye as Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals because she thought he was adorable. We know, we saw them together.  After Lippman took over, the Court started hearing criminal cases once in awhile instead of never.

Meanwhile Silver kept ex-Mayor Bloomberg from turning Manhattan into one big parking lot for a football stadium.  We suspect he also kept at bay a lot of barbaric legislation that would have made the criminal injustice system even worse than it is.  They’re going to destroy him over 4 million clams? Get a grip, it’s only money.



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2 Responses to In Defense of Sheldon Silver

  1. Alex Bunin says:

    Remember when “Three Men in a Room” were Silver, Bruno and Spitzer? How far the mighty have fallen.


  2. James Doyle says:

    Plunkitt said he: “Seen my opportunities, and I took ’em.” In the age of Citizens United he’d be a gazillionairre.


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