We find no error “under the circumstances”

Shell game Step right up folks, and guess which shell has the reversible error under it. Pick the right one and you get a reversal for your client’s case. How about you, sir? The one under my hand? Whupp! Nope, that’s harmless error, you lose. How about you, young lady? This one? Hahahahahahah. No reversible error here. Okay, maybe it’s not harmless but a defendant is entitiled to a fair trial, not a perfect trial. Another sucker – I mean – player? Hey, presto, nothing here either! Basic constitutional violation? Maybe so, but under the circumstances you don’t get a reversal. What circumstances? I don’t have to tell you, it’s my game. You don’t like it, go get your own shells.

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1 Response to We find no error “under the circumstances”

  1. Alex Bunin says:

    It was much better when the courts were restricted to three-card monte.


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