Not the News: ISIS Highly Insulted by Trump’s Crediting Obama as Founder

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump told his supporters at a rally that President Obama is “the founder of ISIS.” He later said his remarks were merely “sarcastic.” A spokesman for ISIS responds:

terrorist   Effeminate sodomite crusaders! Is there no end to the lies promulgated by the West? No limit to America’s  shameless policies of cultural appropriation? To credit that apostate Obama as our founder! Outrageous! How many infidels has he beheaded? None!

We do not understand this Trump. If he doesn’t like Mexicans, why doesn’t he just invade their country and slaughter them, as we do over here with Shi’ites, Kurds, Christians, Jews, Al-Quaeda, Taliban. . . the list is too long to remember. Why waste time running for president when he has the money to found his own state? Where would we be if we’d waited to get elected?

And if he thinks we’re a laughing matter, we direct him to our house magazine, Dabiq conveniently published in all the infidel languages. For strong stomachs only.

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