Lunar New Year message: take a tip from the fish


This week we’ve been poking around Manhattan’s Chinatown celebrating the Year of the Rooster.

20170203_124409                           20170203_115250


“Sometimes your destiny needs to be spelled out.”

20170203_121446 Fish were everywhere. 20170203_205149

20170203_120305       20170203_120137 20170203_120852              20170203_121402

Back at the office we asked our wise informant Kam what fish represented. “They’re a symbol of perseverance in overcoming barriers,” she said. “When they come up against something, they swim around it. They’re free because they’re flexible.”


We thought this was good advice. Especially for those days when you feel you might as well put your briefs in a bottle and throw them in the East River.

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1 Response to Lunar New Year message: take a tip from the fish

  1. Alex Bunin says:

    Hooray! Happy New Year!


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