“Give me a lawyer, dawg.”

The Louisiana Supreme Court recently decided that a suspect in custody had failed to unequivocally invoke his right to counsel, based on his statement transcribed as, “If y’all think I did it, I know that I didn’t do it so why don’t you just give me a lawyer dog cause this is not what’s up.”

The court found it obvious that “the defendant’s ambiguous and equivocal reference to a ‘lawyer dog’ does not constitute an invocation of counsel.”

We’re not making this up.

h/t to Simple Justice 

From an alert reader:Law dogs LA

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9 Responses to “Give me a lawyer, dawg.”

  1. Peter G says:

    I just knew the Squawk would be on this one like a dawg on a bown.


  2. Dogstoyevsky says:

    This is really insulting for my dog, who finished law school but failed the bar exam only because he couldn’t afford the bar review course. How’s he ever going to build a career with smears like this to his reputation?


  3. Alex Bunin says:

    The incorrect punctuation and misspelling indicate he was done in by a court reporter from some rural western Parish. In New Orleans, she would have known it is “…lawyer, dawg.”


  4. Jill P McMahon says:

    Enough to make you howl at the moon.


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