Maestro James Levine

James Levine is one of the greatest living conductors and musicians of our time. We know this because the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, which usually gets up and leaves as soon as they’ve played the last note, would stay in the pit to join in the applause when Maestro Levine was the conductor, even back in the days before he had to conduct from a wheelchair.

Now he’s been destroyed by accusations from four middle-aged males claiming that he ruined their lives by masturbating them decades ago when they were 16 and 17 years old. The Met responded by summarily canceling all his scheduled appearances.

Apparently nobody is so nitpicking as to question the veracity of these accusers, let alone ask why it took them 40 years to speak up, or what sudden access of public spirit induced them to accuse him now. Given that none of these traumatized victims allege that they were forced, nobody dares ask: even if he touched their precious junk forty years ago during that brief era when sexual freedom wasn’t a contradiction in terms. . . so what?”

Millions of us have been inspired for most of our conscious lives by James Levine as a pianist and conductor.  Now this insane society is ready to annihilate him with no one so far uttering a peep in his defense.

We hope no reputable conductor will agree to substitute for him in his cancelled performances. We hope everybody who has tickets to those performances will exchange them for something else. We hope somebody more important than a mere appellate squawk will stand up for him.

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6 Responses to Maestro James Levine

  1. Adrian Lesher says:

    Levine was not a Denny Hastert, but he was a powerful man even 40 years ago when he was 33 or so. He had been running the Ravinia Festival, and then took over at the Met. Most of the accusers were aspiring musicians, and if they are to be believed, Levine acted not much better than a Harvey Weinstein, refusing to mentor them once his sexual advances were refused. Is a defense of Roman Polanski or Woody Allen in the works?


  2. Louis Schwartz says:

    Brilliantly said.


  3. Frances North says:

    Thank you Sir,
    I am not an attorney either. I have, however , been a chorister at the Metropolitan Opera House for over 24 years, and in all that time Maestro James Levine was ALWAYS a joy, an inspiration, warm, polite and charismatic. That’s just for starters.
    There have been rumors; aren’t there always rumors about powerful figures who don’t sport the wife, 2 and 1/2 kids and a golden retriever ?
    Maestro Levine was my boss. Wow!
    Certainly when I first joined the company, the thrill of standing on that stage with that particular man drawing from me ( I can only speak for myself though I’m hardly unique) the passion to give to the Glory of God what He had given to me, was absolutely transporting . And I’m just a simple chorus lady.
    It is beyond abhorrent that these weird 40 year old allegations from then college kids, should be surfacing now. As for the older types who’ve decided to get their 15 seconds …honestly … it’s embarrassing.
    The legacy that Maestro James Levine has given not only the Metropolitan Opera, but the history of the music of our age, is inestimable , He is unique.
    A genius. I can promise you that I am among a large number of Met Employees who are royally pissed that this whole situation has been so horribly mishandled ( or has it ? ) As I said I am a small cog in the big wheels. I hope Maestro Levine manages to find some peace soon . Truly


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