Stalkers of Lady Justice

Which of the below is not the slogan of one of the New York City District Attorney’s Offices?

  1. “Committed to Public Safety, Fairness and Equal Justice.”
  2. “Moving Justice Forward.”
  3. “Steadfast for Justice.”
  4. “To Pursue Justice.”
  5. “Pursuing Justice with Integrity.”
  6. “A Seedy Cesspool of Sex-Fueled Parties.”

Okay, #6 doesn’t count, since it’s not the official slogan of the Bronx DA’s Office, just an observation by one of the staff.

The correct answer is #3.  Although practically identical to the mottos of the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island DA’s Offices, it’s the watchword of the city’s largest public defender’s office. Whose slogan used to be “Making the Case for Humanity,” a play on the double meaning of “humanity” as all people and humaneness. No longer: they’ve caught the Justice Bug. Poor Lady Justice! Whether being moved forward, pursued or steadfasted, everybody wants a piece of her.


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