Courts should take a tip from the Dept. of Agriculture

Reasonable people can disagree about GMO (genetically modified organism) food production. You can take the word of the multi-billion dollar agrichemical behemoths like Monsanto who deny its damaging effects on the environment, human health and the livelihoods of farmers and who go to scandalous lengths, such as pouring money into fake scientific journals and front organizations with names like the “American Council on Science and Health” or the “Genetic Literacy Project,” to portray its critics as tinfoil-hatted cranks.

Or you can ask why GMO’s are either banned outright or strictly regulated in over 60 countries. Not in America, of course.

Fortunately, the ever-vigilant Department of Agriculture (USDA) has proposed an array of warning labels for GMO foods:

The message is clear. You are solemnly warned that this Frankenstein food might be very bad for you, wink, wink.

Courts should take a leaf out of the USDA’s book:

Judge: Do you understand that by pleading guilty you voluntarily give up your right to trial? 

Judge: Do you understand that as part of the plea agreement, you’re voluntarily waiving your right to appeal? 

Judge: Do you understand that if you don’t come back for sentencing I’ll impose the maximum prison sentence? 

It’s the perfect appeal-proof warning. The judicial equivalent of the GMO. Usda gmo copy

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2 Responses to Courts should take a tip from the Dept. of Agriculture

  1. Vunerable Too says:

    This is a really good post. I liked it a lot. You should do more posts like this one as it made me laugh out loud. It shows off your intelligence, charm, and wisdom in all its full glory.



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