Do Statues Matter?

So far they haven’t pulled down Prospect Park’s bust of Mozart, despite his being a Dead White European Male. But Lincoln, standing a few yards from him, could easily go the way of General Grant and Don Quixote. Yes, Don Quixote. Well, that’s San Francisco. Here in Brooklyn the mattering lives merely explode giant fireworks all night long.

Righteously indignant iconoclasm has a long, glorious history.

Fourteenth Century iconoclasm:

Emperor Constantine orders icons destroyed

The Dutch Protestant Reformation:

17th Century English Puritans:

Cheapside Cross, London. Demolished pursuant to government warrant.

The French Revolution:


The glorious present:

Demolished Confederate Soldier Statue, Durham, N.C.

Addendum from a flock of counter-protesters:


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6 Responses to Do Statues Matter?

  1. Anne Goldstein says:

    Wait, did someone pull down a statue of Grant? He did manage the slaves his father in law gave his wife as a wedding present, but he was opposed to the peculiar institution all his life and his armies freed a good many slaves … what happened, and where?



  2. E says:

    I have mixed feelings about getting rid of some of these statues, but not others. And I ask myself “where would you draw the line?” Do you Squawk reject it in all instances?
    (By the way, so far, Don Quixote was defaced with paint but not deposed.)


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