Adios, 2020!

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A satirical blog for criminal defense lawyers and their friends who won't give up without a squawk.
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6 Responses to Adios, 2020!

  1. Alex Bunin says:

    A beautiful sentiment. If only COVID ended at the stroke of the clock.

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  2. Scott Jacobs says:

    Happy New Year, Squawk.

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  3. Daniel says:

    My wife, a front line worker, got her first of two Covid shots. So far, after three days, she has not become autistic. Wait, she just became psychotic, I gotta escape (just kidding). Happy New Year.


  4. Anne Goldstein says:

    Hola, 2021, with the promise of a vaccine and all it implies!


  5. Don Rehkopf says:

    Hey, you doing OK, or just bogged down with work. We miss your wit and observations. Cheers.


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