About Appellate Squawk

Appellate Squawk represents indignant criminal defendants on appeal.

Squawk is a native New Yorker. Our first words were, “That’s not fair!”

Law was Squawk’s second choice in life. Our first choice was anything else.

Squawk attended the Acme School of Law & Refrigerator Repair and graduated number 398 in a class of 400. Number 399 committed suicide in Property Class. Number 400 is now the Dean of the school.

Squawk’s hero is Joan Rivers who said, “Anger fuels comedy.”
And Jonathan Swift, who said:

Humor hath more power
To reform the world than sour.

9 Responses to About Appellate Squawk

  1. Eddy Schwartz says:

    Very well put. and long over due!


  2. lawmrh says:

    Like what you posted but Captain Obvious asks, you are anonymous?
    – Mo, “The Irreverent Lawyer.”


  3. recoveringpd says:

    I love this blog more than you will ever know.


  4. Thanks! and recover soon!


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  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Appellate Squawk, I recently found out about this blog as I was doing some homework re: excited utterances. I am so happy to have discovered this! Keep up the lovely writing! ❤️


  7. Jenny Brandt says:

    Friend just sent a link to your blog to me. I have an appellate blog in california: juicejusticeandcorgis.com similar vibe but not as funny as this, now I have goals 😆 . I Plan to blast yours on my instagram with all 5 followers today because i’m cracking up reading this. Amazing blog and glad to have seen it!

    Liked by 1 person

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