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Law vs. Science

Exclusive Interview with the Hon. Judge Wool: Appellate Squawk: Judge, I understand you were a prominent member of the National Commission on Forensic Science asking some tough questions about the validity of these cop-created sciences. Judge Wool: I was, but … Continue reading

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Police Commissioner announces new anti-spitting technology

Police Commissioner Hannibal Mugfur announced a monumental new technology today guaranteed to solve thousands of crimes, bring deviants to justice and make the City’s sidewalks cleaner. Unveiling a demonstration model of the SPITSUCKER-100™ before a delighted audience at Daffy Duck … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with this picture?

A photo from the L.A. Times illustrating how a San Diego lab swabs DNA from cell phones. We fear this lab isn’t going to stay in business for long.

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Prez advisors warn: halt convictions based on pseudoscience

A mysterious Deep Throat, known only as Dr4ensic, has leaked a draft report from a Presidential commission warning that courts are falling down on their job of keeping out junk science offered by the prosecution.  That’s mighty public-spirited of Dr4ensic, … Continue reading

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Judge Bludgeon goes to science camp

New York judges are arming themselves with science, the better to be “gatekeepers” of expert testimony in the courtroom, according to the NY Law Journal.  The notion that judges are qualified to resolve scientific disputes comes from the famous Supreme Court … Continue reading

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Peering into peer review

   It’s a well-known fact that many great minds of bench and bar know less about science than the average 3rd-grader. But they do know that if a testifying expert has written “peer-reviewed articles” this guarantees against junk science as … Continue reading

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Sexperts in the courtroom: Part 1

There’s only one person in the courtroom who’s allowed to have an aura of reliability, and you can probably guess who that is. Anybody who wants to testify about specialized knowledge is rigorously scrutinized by the judicial gatekeeper under the 12-prong orgone-kryptonite test before they’re allowed … Continue reading

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