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Buster the civil commitment dog

Last week the Schoolmarm again haled us into her office to answer “new complaints” that we “needed” either to take down “the offending blog posts that were the subject of the [termination] warnings” or stop sending around any links to our … Continue reading

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Prison Sex Offender Treatment vs. The Fifth

“Confess and be saved” and its corollary, “Refuse to confess and be damned” have been the bedrock of the sinner rehabilitation industry, from the Inquisition to prison sex offender  “treatment” programs.  If the treatee refuses to confess to uncharged, unknown, … Continue reading

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Is a lawyer a “significant individual”? Court says nix.

Does being someone’s lawyer make you their “authorized representative” or even a “significant individual,” client-wise? Not if he’s “a dangerous sex offender requiring confinement,” says the Appellate Division. In that case, you’re most likely an annoying buttinsky yapping about “therapeutically … Continue reading

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