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Time for courts to put their money where their mouth is about eyewitness misidentification

Courts make a lot of chin music about the perils of eyewitness misidentification.  But when it comes to scrutinizing the suggestiveness of lineup procedures. . . . . . everyone is expected to take the cops’ word for it that … Continue reading

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Squawk gets kicked off SCOTUSblog

The closest we ever got to the U.S. Supreme Court was getting a denial of cert that looked like it was written on the back of a laundry ticket. But since appellate squawkers are expected to take a polite interest … Continue reading

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Stop the presses! A reversal based on a suggestive lineup!

The First Department made history last week by reversing a conviction because the lineup was suggestive (“Appellate Panel Orders Robbery Retrial Over ‘Suggestive Lineup’”NYLJ 8/31/2011 ). The last time a court thought a lineup was suggestive was back in the … Continue reading

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