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The Sex Offender Bus

Last week the Guv issued a proposal to fix NYC’s crummy public transport by banning Level 3 sex offenders from using it.  This is apparently aimed at guys on crowded subways who can’t keep their hands and other appendages to themselves. Well, … Continue reading

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Guv to judges: want a raise? get to work on time.

Last week Governor Cuomo offered the judges a raise, but with strings attached: they have to promise to keep their courtrooms open from 9 to 5. “The backlog of cases is tremendous, especially in downstate New York,” he said. “We … Continue reading

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Cop clubs unarmed protester, gets hangnail

One of our appeals involved a cop who punched a man in the head for refusing to explain why he was walking through the lobby of his own building. Guess who was convicted of assault causing physical injury? The tenant, … Continue reading

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