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Janitors, Catholic schoolteachers and the Hosanna exception

A few years back, a less endearing janitor than Archie’s Mr. Svenson got fired from his job at a synagogue. Not only was he not waxing half the floors, he was doing a lousy job of constructing the annual succot … Continue reading

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Justice Ginsburg speaks her mind. . . and is sorry.

Millions of Americans who were ready to vote for Trump abruptly changed their minds after Justice Ginsburg publicly stated that if he were president, “I can’t imagine what the country would be.”  “He says whatever comes into his head at … Continue reading

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Justice Alito on the wall

I would love to be the proverbial fly on the wall when police instructors teach this rule to officers who make traffic stops.” — Justice Alito dissenting in Rodriguez v. U.S. (2015) . Mr. Rodriguez, tooling along a Nebraska highway at … Continue reading

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The “winning” brief: good writing has nothing to do with it.

Try googling or westlaw-ing “appellate advocacy” and you’ll find a ton of advice on how to write a winning brief. It’s at least as useful as those tips on how to become a millionaire by selling vitamin pills door to … Continue reading

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Maples v. Thomas: The Movie

Synopsis:  NY megafirm Gilbert & Sullivan takes on appeal of Corey Maples, Alabama Death Row resident. According to Justice Alito, Mr. Maples must have thought he’d won the lottery to be represented pro bono by attorneys from “one of the … Continue reading

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