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Justice Thomas endorses solitary confinement: it’s roomier than a coffin.

As the Supreme Court winds up the season with a bang and a whimper,  Justice Thomas has once again distinguished himself as The Big Mistake. In Davis v. Ayala (US 2015), the majority affirmed a death sentence where the defense … Continue reading

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Justice Alito on the wall

I would love to be the proverbial fly on the wall when police instructors teach this rule to officers who make traffic stops.” — Justice Alito dissenting in Rodriguez v. U.S. (2015) . Mr. Rodriguez, tooling along a Nebraska highway at … Continue reading

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Scalia dissents: Supreme Court serves up freedom-destroying cocktail

Justice Thomas’ mixology has come under fire from Justice Scalia and the three girl judges, who warn that his majority opinion in Navarette v. California  “serves up a freedom-destroying cocktail.” Scalia, rising to the defense of the Fourth Amendment rights … Continue reading

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Tips ‘n’ tricks from the U.S. Supremes

In case you missed the latest issue of The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing, it features interviews with eight Supremes who were somehow snookered into doing what’s basically an infomercial for Brian Garner, one of the leading impresarios of the … Continue reading

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