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Have you been “friended” by DA Vandal?

Last January the Manhattan DA’s Office indicted 106 people including 72 NYPD cops, 8 firefighters and 5 Corrections Officers for bilking Social Security out of $400 million in phony disability claims. The scheme was masterminded by a former senior Nassau County … Continue reading

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The revolt of the court reporters

  Whether it’s an earthshaking Supreme Court argument or an insignificant 30-second calendar call,  a court proceeding is as a tree falling in an empty forest unless there’s a court reporter writing it down.  And if the reporter doesn’t like … Continue reading

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NYPD deprived of stop ‘n’ frisk turns to eviction

The NYPD may thumb its collective nose at the new mayor’s busybody interference with their stop ‘n’ frisk  racket, but what with single-digit temperatures and double-digit snowfall, it’s just too darn cold to stand on street corners hassling passersby.  But how … Continue reading

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Prosecutors’ junta gets coal in its stocking for Christmas

Next month, the case of Adrian Thomas will be heard in the NY Court of Appeals.  Mr. Thomas was sentenced to 25 years to life for the murder of his infant son despite overwhelming medical evidence that the baby had … Continue reading

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