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NYPD deprived of stop ‘n’ frisk turns to eviction

The NYPD may thumb its collective nose at the new mayor’s busybody interference with their stop ‘n’ frisk  racket, but what with single-digit temperatures and double-digit snowfall, it’s just too darn cold to stand on street corners hassling passersby.  But how … Continue reading

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The lucky bag scam

In a rare instance of judicial squawking, Bronx Criminal Court judge Linda Poust Lopez slammed the cops, the prosecutors and the courts after a Good Samaritan was arrested at gunpoint on a crowded street and dragged through the courts for two and … Continue reading

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Crime doesn’t pay. Join the NYPD instead.

It was a rough summer for Judge Raffaele, getting karate-chopped in the throat by an angry cop who was beating and kicking a homeless guy on the street. The cop strongly felt that the judge’s watching was an unwarranted trespass on the … Continue reading

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The murder of a mural

While ordinary dry cleaners might use their outdoor wall space to advertise Budweiser or Same Day Service,  New Edition Cleaning of Inwood  has been dedicating its wall to artistic expression.  “I pass by that wall every day on my way … Continue reading

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If you see something, say something: picket the NYPD.

Squawk against police brutality at 5:30 p.m. September 30th at One Police Plaza. For the last 10 days on our way home from work, we’ve been passing by so-called Zuccotti Park (a big granite slab with some plantings) where the … Continue reading

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