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Occupy Food: the farmers’ march to Zuccotti Park

Family farmers have a long proud tradition of being oppressed, from the feudal system to sharecropping to the constant threat of engulfment by Agribusiness. A couple of Sundays ago, Squawk, who’s as urban as the Chrysler Building, joined farmers from all … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall St: Our radical savings bank

For most of our working life (before we got this cushy job as a public squawk), we cashed our paycheck at the local Blarney Stone. If the bartender didn’t have enough in the till, one of the customers, many of … Continue reading

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The invasion of the creeping police fence

Whether the Occupy Wall Street movement convinces the rich & powerful of the error of their ways, one sure result (besides a lot of frozen people in Zuccotti Park) is the insane proliferation of already insanely proliferated police fences. Ever … Continue reading

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Occupy the Appellate Division

Last week a Marine exhorted the cops in Times Square to leave the Occupy Wall Street protestors alone. “It doesn’t make you tough to hurt these people,” Sergeant Shamar Thomas, wearing his desert camouflage and medals, shouted to a numb-faced … Continue reading

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Squawkccupy Wall Street! Part One

Sunday afternoon at Zuccotti Park yesterday was like nothing we’d ever seen. It’s hard to describe something so festive, puckishly humorous and totally serious. All kinds of people just talking to each other about the world. As we understand it, … Continue reading

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