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When is parody a crime? When nobody gets it.

One of the most volatile controversies of our time is whether the Dead Sea Scrolls were written by the Essenes, an ascetic community living around 100 B.C.  Given the public’s strong feelings on the question, it was only a matter … Continue reading

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Committing felony marriage

There’s an old joke that marriage isn’t a word but a sentence, but it’s not often taken literally. Recently a colleague was representing two co-defendants who agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a sentence of 8 years in prison … Continue reading

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Appellate Squawk’s field guide to judicial writing

1. The Grand Style    People v. Goldilocks (Grandstand, J.)  From time immemorial the historic fabric of society has grappled with the slings and arrows trampling underfoot the proverbial castle that is the citizen’s home.  The Framers of the Constitution sought … Continue reading

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The new commercial courts

In a bold and creative effort to respond to New York’s grave fiscal crisis, Chief Judge Flipman announced that, following the lead of sports teams, public radio and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, courts will start accepting corporate sponsorship and … Continue reading

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The new austerity

For someone who’s been vehemently campaigning for more money for judges ever since he took office, Chief Judge Flipman is pretty good at keeping a straight face when talking about “austerity measures” in the courts. In today’s press release, he … Continue reading

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