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Supreme Court hears robocall case, flushes toilet

HELLO! This is the U.S. Supreme Court reminding you that even in these difficult times we continue to supply you with the same high quality products we’ve been proudly serving up for the last 200 years. Whether it’s premium strict … Continue reading

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Squawk gets kicked off SCOTUSblog

The closest we ever got to the U.S. Supreme Court was getting a denial of cert that looked like it was written on the back of a laundry ticket. But since appellate squawkers are expected to take a polite interest … Continue reading

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Tips ‘n’ tricks from the U.S. Supremes

In case you missed the latest issue of The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing, it features interviews with eight Supremes who were somehow snookered into doing what’s basically an infomercial for Brian Garner, one of the leading impresarios of the … Continue reading

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