Bratton the bullshit machine

Last night Police Commissioner “broken windows” Bratton explained to a compliant audience at NYU Law School that what he called “Stop, Question & Frisk” is the chemotherapy of law enforcement.  That’s right, folks, just like chemo that’s poison and a “horrific experience,” but if only these crime-prone neighborhoods would just understand that it’s good  for them,” everything would be hunky-dory.  People need to understand that they have no right to disobey the cops.

“Public safety is the foundation of all freedoms,”  we were told, and by gum, the police will make you safe even if they have to  kill you.  Rattling off numbers like a bingo announcer, he assured us that we’ve never been safer and the quality of life is so great that we have 56 million tourists a year.

This wisdom was briefly interrupted by a dozen or so people chanting “Brat must go!” who wisely took the hint to leave after making their point, surrounded by about five tons of police.  “There’s an example of freedom of expression,” he chuckled smugly.  After all, “Democracy is about giving up certain rights for the common good.”

A well-behaved young lady fed him respectful questions about various killings of unarmed citizens. These videos of police brutalizing people don’t tell the whole story, he explained.  If you saw what led up to it, you’d understand.

Addendum: Later that evening protestors against the Ferguson grand jury verdict decorated him with red paint.

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1 Response to Bratton the bullshit machine

  1. Alex Bunin says:

    He must think “1984” is a user’s guide.


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