Supreme Court hears robocall case, flushes toilet

HELLO! This is the U.S. Supreme Court reminding you that even in these difficult times we continue to supply you with the same high quality products we’ve been proudly serving up for the last 200 years. Whether it’s premium strict scrutiny or economy rational relationship you’re looking for, we guarantee 100% penumbra-free results, with bonus dissents at no extra charge! Don’t miss this limited-time-only offer! File your cert petition today! [repeat in Spanish, Chinese and Yiddish].

In one small step for severability and a giant leap for social distancing, the Supremes heard oral arguments by teleconference in a case challenging the constitutionality of the anti-robocalling law. But apparently they were checking their emails when their IT person was explaining how to press the “mute” button when they’re not talking. Because in the middle of a lawyer’s passionate defense of the First Amendment rights of robocallers, there came the distinct, unmistakable sound of a toilet flushing.

So judges are human after all. Somebody was teleconferencing from the throne.

Luis Bunuel “The Phantom of Liberty”

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1 Response to Supreme Court hears robocall case, flushes toilet

  1. quackn says:

    I need to save this for a reference if my phone accidentally goes off in court.  I can use the “you too” fallacy and claim that if the almighty sovereign Supreme Court can make a mistake I can too.I can also use it to make a joke about the courts flushing my case down the toilet because of their anti pro se bias. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note9.

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