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The Presumption of Innocence, “Sleeping on One’s Rights” and Fundamental Fairness

One of our finest moments in court was hearing a tearful prosecutor whine, “Judge, I know he did it, I just don’t have proof.” Too bad, so sad. No proof, no foul. So we were shocked to discover during the … Continue reading

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Exiled statues find asylum in Green-Wood Cemetery

When our dad died at age 89 over his strenuous objections, we buried his ashes in Brooklyn’s beautiful, historic Green-Wood Cemetery with the epitaph, “‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world,” from his beloved Tennyson’s “Ulysses.”  Thanks to … Continue reading

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Valentine’s day card from Capital One

From our friendly Union Plus credit card company. We especially look forward to their “personal visits” “at any time” with “any frequency.” If this is what they send people who pay their bills, imagine what they send to deadbeats!

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Squawk takes a breather

This gallery contains 27 photos.

We’re taking a break to nourish the inner Squawk. Back in 3 weeks. Here’s a sample of our priors:                                           … Continue reading

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Heard on the radio

“The Senator admitted to having an affair with his campaign ad.” – Radio news

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Guest post: Boycott Wisconsin

TIME TO BOYCOTT WISCONSIN by Mike Taglieri Most of the progressive media are whining about how unfair the Republicans in Wisconsin are for taking away the collective-bargaining rights of state employees and promising we’ll take back the legislature there someday. … Continue reading

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Decision of the Day (Kangaroo Co., Budweiser, J.)

Defendant appeals from a judgment of the Supreme Court of Kangaroo County (Budweiser, J.) convicting him after a jury trial of the felony of failure to report a suspicious package on the subway and keeping it to himself and sentencing … Continue reading

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